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My chosen name is Lilly Roan, and I am writing in the dark. 

I share fiction and creative nonfiction stories bent across numerous “genre” lines.  While I have written some lighthearted pieces, my primary focus is on the exploration of the darker side of human nature, particularly the everyday violences we often overlook in our society, such as addiction, sexism, and domestic abuse.  (Although, dark humor is a well earned side effect of trauma.)

I am vehemently against being penned into one genre or one style of writing. Compelling character development and engaging plot are equally important to enduring stories.  I believe literary and horror can mingle, magic can be sophisticated, and memoir can merge with the speculative.  Here you will find the monsters that lurk behind a hero’s mask and experience the wickedness of doing the “right” thing.  There is nothing black and white about life or art and there is no such thing as a happy ending.  My voice can certainly be gritty at times, but that is not why I say I am writing in the dark.     

As Hasanthika Sirisena wrote in her essay “Broken Arrow,” from her book Dark Tourist, “Each of us takes our own risks in near darkness.”  Writing is taking risks – that is what elevates the words to art – and those risks are taken by the writer from a place of unknowing – of darkness.  It is risk to form something so intensely personal – fiction or nonfiction– and then release it into the world to be impressed upon and transformed by whoever reads it.  Every piece of literature I create, no matter how strange or weird, there is a piece of me in the work and it is an enormous risk to reveal oneself in such a way. 

Therefore, I am writing in the dark.  And, while brave to do so, it is a privilege I don’t take for granted, particularly after a horse riding accident in 2018 resulted in a brain injury.  I am so happy you are here to read some of my work and I am so happy I am here continuing to write.

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Lilly holds a Bachelor of Arts from Southern New Hampshire University and is a second year Master of Fine Art candidate at the Vermont College of Fine Art. She writes both fiction and creative nonfiction in a variety of genres, including literary, horror, fantasy, memoir, and narrative essays.  Her work is written in various lengths from novels to flash.

She has worked in animal welfare, kitchen design, and even as a horse wrangler. She is passionate about women’s issues, mental health, and disability rights, addressing those topics through a variety of genres and styles.  

Originally from Florida, she studied in Canada, and is now based near Johnson City, TN. She lives with her children, husband, pet dogs, a fat cat, and her service dog, Ghost. 



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“Aborted” – Anti-Heroin Chic

“The Cage You Started From” – flash glass by Glassworks Magazine

“Survival of the Friendliest” – Honeyguide Review

“Asking For It” – Reader’s Write for The Sun Magazine

“Negotiations with Mother Nature” – Reader’s Write for The Sun Magazine

“The Glass Horse” – Dream of Shadows

“Smoke” – Evening Street Review 

“The Falling” — JMWW




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While the life of a writer is mostly spent locked away, alone, talking to oneself, I am social!  Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and drop a line to say hello. 

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